Areas of Expertise

Chartered Quantity Surveyor

Quantity Surveying / Commercial Support


I am experienced in the preparation of feasibility estimates, estimating, cost planning, preparation of tender and contract documentation, conducting tender interviews, preparation of tender reports, preparing valuations, financial statements, and final accounts. 


This experience was gained in offices, hotels, shopping complexes, high rise apartments, low rise residential, country clubs, sports centres, warehouses and factories, process industries, hospitals, temples and concrete structures.


I have experience in preparing tenders, including one of the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur, a Sheraton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur and a warehouse in the UK.


I also have experience in insolvency and retention management.


Dispute Resolution


Forensic examination of documentation : examination of documents in order to ascertain rights and obligations. Assess what evidence is available and whether it supports the contractual position.


Preparation of documentation : the preparation of appropriate documentation suited to the scale of the dispute and the available means of resolution. This might include valuations, final accounts or claims in order to evidence a contractual position. If a dispute arises prepare claims, referrals or responses for adjudication or other documents appropriate to other dispute resolution techniques.


Representation : representing a contractual position in order to improve the outcome. This might be entering into a process of informal negotiations, corresponding with the other party or making representations in a formal dispute resolution process.

Party Wall Advice


The Party Wall, etc Act 1996 imposes certain obligations on a Building Owner in relation to carrying out works adjacent to a neighbouring property.


I have advised in relation to the requirements of the 1996 Act and how to comply with them. The 1996 Act requires notices to be issued in relation to certain types of notifiable works. Notice must be issued in advance of proceeding with those works. If the Adjoining Owner does not consent to the works then a dispute will arise requiring the appointment of surveyors and the preparation of a Party Wall Award. The Party Wall Award will set out how the Building Owner may proceed with the Notified Works.


I have taken appointments under Section 10 of the 1996 Act as a Party Wall Surveyor. For Building Owners I have acted as their surveyor and I have been put forward as and acted as an Agreed Surveyor. Where the Adjoining Owner approved I have acted for both parties as an Agreed Surveyor. This saved costs for the Building Owner.


Where the Adjoining Owner did not agree to an Agreed Surveyor then I have accepted appointments as the Adjoining Owner's Surveyor where another surveyor had already been appointed as the Building Owner's Surveyor.

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